Triad Cyber Security is now Triad InfoSec. We embrace Cyber Security, but we do not lose focus of the overlooked. Cyber Security is the corner- stone of today's Information Security program, but is not the sole element. Contact us to learn how to deploy comprehensive information protection for your business.

Cyber security is a hot topic in today's world and is a growing concern for all businesses, but especially for those small to medium businesses who may not have a deep understanding of what they are truly up against.

Triad InfoSec, a Veteran owned business with proven success in offering military grade protection for data, now offers services specifically tailored for small to medium businesses. Stemming from the realization that small business owners often face cyber security issues due to a simple lack of awareness, owner Jason Rorie has created services that combat the staggering data that 43% of all cyber-attacks are aimed at small businesses and 91% of those attacks are launched with a phishing e-mail.

The services that Triad InfoSec has created to greatly benefit those in the small to medium business sector include Information Security Policy review and creation, Security Procedures review and creation, Security Control Testing through the implementation of Vulnerability Scans, Penetration Testing, Social Engineering Testing and Physical Access Testing. In addition to these services that are guaranteed to help small to medium businesses safeguard their data, the company also offers ongoing proactive Data Security Management services that ensure security is maintained and improved upon throughout the life of any business.

With a focus on cyber risk management and control testing for the small and medium business sector, Triad InfoSec protects the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their clients through their signature triad of services- technology, training and insurance. Founded by Jason Rorie, US Navy Veteran and author of "Small Business- A Hacker's Playground", his belief that adding value always wins over perception fueled his passion to create Triad InfoSec and fill the void he saw in the small and medium business sector.

Jason holds a degree in Computer Networking Engineering, a Bachelor of Science in Management of Technology and a Master's degree in Information Assurance and Cyber Security. In addition, he holds CySA+, PenTest+, MCSE, C|EH, CCSP and CISSP certifications and is also the Founder and Managing Partner of Elevated Technologies and Cyber Security Insurance Group. Jason's experience in the military combined with his career as a consultant to the small and medium business sector for almost two decades makes him uniquely qualified to truly understand the cyber security needs of businesses who are currently the main targets of cyber security attacks.

Triad InfoSec arms their clients with an arsenal of weapons to combat cyber security attacks that include external network security, internal network security, data protection and compliance and training. When a small to medium business partners with Triad InfoSec, they can feel confident knowing that they are joining a team who is established in the cyber security field, intimately knows the strategy of the creators of cyber security attacks and will ensure their safety from start to finish. Triad InfoSec offers honest results to their clients and promises to help a business understand their options, advise them on their best course of action and take swift action to complete whichever action they decide. Building a team with diverse experience in the cyber security field has allowed the experts of Triad InfoSec to offer different perspectives within the IT industry and create unique solutions that are perfectly tailored for their clients in the small to medium business sector.

Cyber security is a hot topic in today's world and is a growing concern for all businesses, but especially for those small to medium businesses who may not have a deep understanding of what they are truly up against. That's why Triad InfoSec was created. Providing services that will help their clients combat potential cyber security attacks around the clock is their specialty and they are passionate about being there for their clients all day, every day.