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What is penetration testing?

It's a security drill. We simulate the same weapons and mindset that your enemy will use in an attack against your network. The aim is to see if we can take control of your system and steal some data.

Why you need it

You need to find out if your system and people are ready for combat. Penetration testing is a safe way to do that. It's about gaining insight for better security outcomes.

It also ensures the security of your new applications before a roll-out. And you'll meet compliance regulations that require penetration testing.

One thing you should know

Penetration testing is not the same thing as vulnerability scanning.

Some companies will sell you one but provide the other. Because penetration testing sounds sexier, right? But don't be misled. These are two different tools with different pricing and different results.

We'll tell you which tool you need.

An intelligent solution

We deploy a powerful framework that prepares your system and people for combat. It is automated penetration testing with an intuitive design and streamlined process. You'll find out how far an attacker will get in your network.

  • Run scalable attacks on your databases
  • Pinpoint weak spots
  • Challenge your web servers
  • Prioritize risks
  • Remediate faster
  • Test your remote administration solutions
  • Instantly train users who fail
  • Get simple reports
  • Test your people's awareness