Triad Cyber Security is now Triad InfoSec. We embrace Cyber Security, but we do not lose focus of the overlooked. Cyber Security is the corner- stone of today's Information Security program, but is not the sole element. Contact us to learn how to deploy comprehensive information protection for your business.

Are you an IT Service Provider/MSP looking for ways to increase security and compliance for your clients? If so, you have come to the right place.

Triad InfoSec was founded by Jason Rorie, who also founded Elevated Technologies, an award-winning MSP. We started this program with IT Providers/MSPs in mind. We understand your business and your client's needs.

Most SMBs are not fully compliant because the services or solutions needed are just out of budgetary reach. We fixed this!

Below is a look at the services that we can provide your clients at an SMB price point.

Don't forget, this is a partnership where we help protect you and your clients. There is also a partnership commission for you.

  • Information Security Policy Creation / Review
  • Security Procedure Creation / Review
  • Security Standards Creation / Review
  • Custom Security Documentation based on Compliance or Other Needs
  • Cyber Security Technology Layered Design and Implementation Assistance
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training Program Design Assistance
  • Cyber Security Insurance Consult
  • Security Control Testing, Certification and Reporting, which can involve Vulnerability Scans, Pen Tests, Social Engineering tactics and Physical Access Testing

Don't risk your client's security and compliance and your reputation. Contact us today for more detail on the partnership and how to get started today!